With more people required to work from home after the pandemic, it is a sensible aspect to set a home office interior layout. However, there are things that an individual must consider when setting up this design, especially when residing in Kolkata.

Thus, it is suggested before you choose a home office interior setup in Kolkata, go through a few particular things that will help in getting the best result.

Location of home office setup

First and foremost, people need to decide on the location as to where he/she should set up the home office. According to experienced professionals in this industry, positioning is key. Home offices can come in different sizes, shapes, or locations. For example, a home office might be in one’s living room, or have a different room altogether, or simply be placed in one corner of your kitchen even.

If an individual is a professional, then he/she should stick to creating a home office in a position, where he/she won’t get distracted due to daily activities inside a house. However, if you are a mother that stays busy with cooking and stuff like that, then the ideal place to set it up, is on one side of the kitchen so that you can handle all activities easily.

Selecting furniture

Now, most people think that it is an easy task as all one needs is to buy a chair and desk; however, when setting up a home office, it is more than just buying a desk or chair. When purchasing a desk, ensure that it is big enough to hold all the necessary items that you require to be placed on it, such as a computer, stacks of files, etc. Also, keep in mind that it is not too big for the space, where you set up this home office.

Moreover, get a chair that is of good quality as well as provides comfort. Since you will probably be sitting for hours, spend more to get an adjustable one. In addition, if clients come over, then you will also need a sofa and storage shelves to make it look professional.


When opting for a home office interior, one doesn’t need to sacrifice style. Most residents in Kolkata have a big enough space for home office and thus, should ensure that its interior is according to one’s preference.

This is why, if you are setting it up in a different room or living space, opt for a modern living room interior designer decorator in Kolkata. Such professionals can offer you a styling that comes with complete accessories and personalization touch that you want in your home office.

The best option is to get a professional interior designer for your home office set up; however, it is still advised to know about these things that should be considered when opting for such a design.

After hiring pros, you can discuss these aspects with them to provide them with a view of how you want your place to look and get the ultimate outcome. So, contact professionals today!