Are you looking to buy a table tennis table for your home? Well, before you lay hands on one, your first big decision is to figure out where you’re going to place it. Would you be keeping it outside or inside your home? If you have enough space inside your home, you may well go for outdoor table tennis tables, but if not, we’d recommend getting an indoor table – it being an indoor sport after all! In this post, we’d mainly discuss the many differences between outdoor and indoor table tennis tables. So let’s jump right in.

Things to know about indoor table tennis tables

  • A top-quality indoor table tennis table can be bought at roughly the same price as a mid-range outdoor table. This is chiefly because outdoor tables have to be weatherproof, which isn’t the case with indoor tables. However, if you plan on placing the table next to an open window from where direct sunlight may pour in, or perhaps the room is damp, you should settle for an outdoor table tennis table. Indoor tables are susceptible to damage when exposed to damp conditions or high levels of heat.
  • If you buy a decent indoor table tennis table from a reliable manufacturer, they would advise you to keep the table in a heated and insulated building to eliminate the risk of the table warping. So, if you are planning on keeping the table in your garage or in the patio, you should rather go for an outdoor table.
  • Table tennis tables usually require a large playing area – about 17 x 11 feet, else it can hinder the player’s movements. You can definitely get away with a little less space. However, table tennis tables are difficult to transport or shift from one area to the other, so we’d recommend taking the time to measure the play area prior to getting the table.
  • Table tennis table covers do not make it weatherproof or waterproof, so try not to buy an indoor table tennis table with a cover, thinking that it would be able to manage the damp situation.
  • You would have to pay a premium to get the absolute best indoor table tennis table to get the right bounce from the table top. However, if you’re buying the table only for fun, you can do without a high-end indoor table tennis table.

Things to know about outdoor table tennis tables

  • As the name implies, the outdoor table tennis tables can be left out in the open day and night. They are built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including sun, rain, and snow. That said, some cheap versions of outdoor tables do not come with weatherproof protection, so always buy a branded table, to avoid future hassle.
  • Outdoor tables offer greater flexibility, as they can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on your need.
  • If you are planning on placing the table tennis table in the garage or in the patio, outdoor tables would be more suitable.
  • Outdoor tables do not offer the same bounce as a top-end indoor table tennis table, but the freedom to be used anywhere, sure balances out the negative, particularly when you have little room to accommodate a massive table indoors.

Key takeaway

Believe it or not, table tennis is the second-most played sport around the globe and the reason for that is people do not just play it at the highest level or for competitions. You can even play table tennis for some fun and exercise. Some even call it the physical version of chess. So, no matter why and where you want to play, buy a decent table tennis table – one that meets your requirements and doesn’t cost you a fortune. Hopefully, our brief but informative guide would help you in making a better purchase decision.