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Thank you so much for your overwhelming support to Wish Want Wear. We are so happy that you are satisfied with the services that we provide. Here, we feature all the testimonials and feedback that we receive from all of you.

Tanya, 18

Oh my God, Wish Want Wear saved me! I was crowned Prom Queen and all because of the beautiful designer dress that I got from Wish Want Wear. I am so happy that you have this rental service. I am sure that I would not have afforded the beautiful dress that I wore to the prom if not because of you. Please do keep up with your service. I am so sure that I will be back for more.

Marnie, 28

I was panicking just before the holidays because I could not find a dress that I would wear to the function of my soon-to-be parents-in-law. Fortunately Wish Want Wear came to my rescue. I just called them up and informed them of my predicament, gave my dress size and voila, they helped me find the best dress. It was so amazing. My fiancée was ever so proud of me. He introduced me to his parents, his relatives and his parent’s friends. It was such a happy moment.

Lou, 45

I wanted to impress my husband’s clients. So I wanted to make sure that my gown makes a statement. I was able to do that at only a fraction of the cost by renting a dress at Wish Want Wear. The wives of my husband’s clients kept complementing me in how well I looked. I know that my husband was so happy with the result. He was able to close several deals with me on his arm. It was such a proud moment.