Floriography is termed to be the language of flowers. In the early eras, people used to converse with the help of flowers. They used colourful blossoms as a medium to express themselves. Especially, The Greeks who highly admired the presence and importance of flowers. With the help of blossoms, they conveyed their affection towards their special ones.

During the Victorian times, people weren’t interacting and putting their heart out to showcase their love and feelings to their loved ones. They choose to store those emotions within themselves. Later they discovered that getting pretty flowers and giving them to the special ones, is one of the most smooth and easy way to express their sentiments. From then onwards, special attempts were made by offering flowers. 

The Victorians used the blossoms as their code language in-order to pour out what they’re feeling. The way they were presenting flowers to their loved ones, have different meanings. Apart from expressing love, flowers were also used to pay gratitude and make someone feel special. And hence, from those eras onwards, the tradition of giving flowers kept on growing. During that time, when a man get blossoms, it was considered an exceptional act. But now things have changed. Beautiful bouquet of fresh blossoms can be portrayed with the help of online flower delivery. You can send flowers to Kolkatta, and get them handed over without fail. With the advanced technology, it has become much easier for the flowers to get delivered smoothly and promptly. Even when, many of the people from varied generations, don’t know the idea or the concept of the old custom of gifting blossoms, they still choose to get beautiful bouquets of vibrant flowers as a token of love. 

Why Men Gift Flowers to Women?

This is a traditional practice that is still being implemented in recent years, where men showcase their heartfelt emotions and feelings to the one they loves. Such gestures, shows that he is deeply rooted on her, and supposedly if both the man and woman have been dating one another from way back, then it would signify that a man is admiring and being appreciative towards her. Gifting flowers would basically demonstrate the following:

  1. To showcase interests:

Getting the thought of giving blossoms shall assist a person who is mostly engaged for expressing his loveable interests to his lady. Every occasions like – Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s day and others, shall get all-the-more special when you gift a bouquet of fresh blossoms. And apart from gifting flowers, a small piece message scribbled in a note would make a lovely pair. This will help in making your lady feel even more exceptional. You can opt for the service of flowers delivery in Bangalore and make your surprise just as special as your loved one.

  1. To express a decent emotion:

Is it your first-date? Well, then getting a bundle of beautiful blossoms, would convey your decent and hearty feelings that you carry for your lady. You might think, that this sounds outmoded. Nevertheless, gifting flowers would make the person to develop a first-connection, during the first phase. But, keep in mind not to gift red roses on your first date. Keep it stored in your mind to give them later, when you shall get enough confidence to express you love wholeheartedly.

  1. Considering flowers as a tradition:

Gifting blossoms would forever symbolise cheerfulness and appreciation. You may choose to get a simple and basic bouquet on a casual gathering or any exhibition, where the giving of flowers will show a decent gesture. Apart from this, on some special occasions like Mother’s Day or Teachers Day you may choose to select flowers and arrange them forming a beautiful decoration for the day. To make your wife or your girlfriend feel special, you can order special anniversary flowers, that will convey your love in the best way possible.

  1. Blossoms splash positivity:

Sometimes you need to balance the mood of your lady, especially when she is terribly tired and has been working all day long. Such situations need to get managed. You can transform the tiresome moment surprisingly fast, with the help of a beautiful bouquet. This simply can make her feel special, relaxed and at the same time enhance her mood due to the presence of the attractive vibrant colours and fragrances.

No matter where you are residing, you can keep the liveliness of the custom by gifting wide range of flowers and any respective place and time!