Plasma cutting is a new invention of modern technology that is widely used in many industries. It is a tool that is used to cut thick materials such as steel and iron. The technology works with ionized gas that turns into a hot plasma to cut the metal in minutes. Now, the advent of portable plasma machines has made it more practical and easy for industries to cut objects. In this article, you will learn about the function and features of this high-end cutting technology.

Functions of plasma cutters

There is no regret to cite that it is a versatile cutting-edge technology. As compared to traditional cutters, they can be used to create complex patterns on metals. The industrial works directly related to the production of metal pieces are easy to complete with it. Moreover, you can attach these cutters to the machines to improve their speed and precision. The portability of plasma cutting machines has also made it easy to carry out metal fabrication tasks at industrial sites.
A plasma cutter operates by sending an electric arc through gas that produces heat with a temperature of more than 20000 C. The heat transferred to the plasma torch makes the precise cutting of metal without leaving the metal chips. The cutting ability of plasma cutters mainly depends upon their power consumption in AMP. The modern-day cutters are computerized to cut the metal with unique dimensions and specifications.

Features of plasma cutters

Durability and reliability

When it comes to attaining a powerful mechanism for cutting heavy metals, plasma cutting is optimum. It has the durability to work for long hours with the cutting of thick materials. It is a high-precision cutting system that can achieve an accuracy of 0.01 to 0.05, and it can cut the conductive material up to 2 inches at once.

Utmost stabilization

The higher stabilization or performance of portable plasma makes it the ultimate cutting solution. A plasma cutting machine can deliver high-performance by cutting the metal without any trembling, and it adds to the cutting precision and speed. Once you place the machine on a plain surface, it will not move despite the size and weight of the object.

Heated plasma torch

It is an impressive feature that most people do not know. The heat of the plasma torch can reach up to an extensive range of 30000 degrees Celsius, and it is greater than the sun’s surface. So, one can imagine how efficiently and quickly a plasma machine can accomplish the cutting job.

Weight and power consumption

The modern-day plasma cutting technology is embedded with a weighted machine and table. The standard weight of the machine is 160 kilograms, and it requires a power of 230 V for operation. The input power of the cutter is 28KVA and 160 amperes.

Low noise output

A plasma arc technology has low noise output. The average noise level of such a machine is lower than 85 decibels, which means that the machine user is not under the threat of hearing damage.


In a nutshell, the use of a plasma cutting machine in the modern era is exemplary practical. It works to make the hefty material cutting an easy chore, and it keeps the work with full precision and has alluring features and benefits.