Almost everything we do is geared toward achieving the best flavor possible for vaping. Here we focus on how to choose the right flavor for your vape. Throughout this guide, you will learn how cannabis matches with different foods.

How To Start

In matching food and cannabis, terpenes are the first thing you should look at. It is also why cannabis sommeliers are known as terpeners, as it is these compounds that give strains of cannabis their unique flavors. Terpenes are the components that give cannabis its aroma and flavor. Having matched foods helps you enjoy them more. Check out more products at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The terpene concentration should be between 7-12% to achieve this.

THC and CBD are the next two considerations. Cannabis has a psychoactive component called THC. As a result, you’ll delight in and appreciate the texture and taste of cannabis-infused foods.

CBD-rich cannabis is an alternative for those who do not wish to experience the psychoactive effects. The best effects come from combining THC with CBD oils.

Last but not least, you have to decide how you will consume your cannabis. Combining cannabis with food is best done by vaping.

Vital Benefits Of Vaping Cannabis With Food

A vape pen is the best way to combine cannabis with food and lifestyle. A food spread that uses vapor will benefit from the terpene-rich flavors. By doing so, you will be able to experience the combinations better.

Compared to other methods of cannabis consumption, cannabis vape pens also offer a much more pure taste. Food’s flavor is not altered by vaping, unlike other alternatives.

It seems like edibles would be a natural choice when matched with food. Despite that, they’re actually not the best option. Food taste changes significantly when cannabis is infused into edibles.

There isn’t much difference between smoking and not smoking. An incomplete burn can also result in a burnt flavor due to direct heating and incomplete burning. Your experience with the food matching will directly be affected by this burnt taste.

Ceramic coil vape pens are the best way to produce the purest cannabis vapor. The direct contact is avoided, so you won’t taste burnt, and the temperature is kept perfectly.

Tips For Matching

The key to successfully matching cannabis with food is finding flavor profiles that complement each other. Good matching can vary in complexity. They serve to highlight each others’ notes, emphasize flavor, or provide a pleasant contrast.

You should choose food that compliments the flavor of the vapor. Sweet food, such as chocolate, pairs well with sour cannabis oils. A fruit-based food or citrus-based beverage benefits most from a complementary pairing with a fruitier vapor.

The texture of THC oils should also be considered, especially when you are vaping them. THC enhances both the perception of texture and the appreciation of psychedelic effects. Having uneven surfaces on foods like potato chips can increase the enjoyment of crunchy foods.

Wine and cheese lovers will be pleased to hear that there is a new twist on the traditional pairing. There is a good match between cannabis and cheese. If you are doing this, consider dabbing with a pen. High-quality dab pens offer strong terpene profiles when hit with shatter and wax.

It is easy to match marijuana with cheeses like Brie since it has a strong herbal taste. Cannabis aromas can also enhance the taste of soft cheeses.

Additionally, pay attention to the food’s style and course. Sweeter, more floral tastes complement desserts well, but they may not be the most appropriate for main courses. Spiced, more “woodsy” vapors enhance stews and other hearty meals. For poultry dishes, highlighting individual flavors is highly beneficial. Citrusy cannabis oil is a good accompaniment to lemon chicken, for example.

While the tips in this article can get you started, you have to experiment to find the right match. Combine profiles and textures to your own taste, and pay attention to the way they interact.