Electric Skateboard vs Electric Scooter: Are both the same?

If we want to discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of electronic skateboards and electronic scooters, we have to consider some parameters which are necessary for the discussion.

Cost and Maintenance

The first question that comes to mind when picking between an electric skateboard and an electric scooter will certainly involve finding which one is cheaper. At first glance, you might think the cost of an electric scooter should be more than that of an electric skateboard. But in reality, both of them cost almost the same. The price of an electric skateboard or an electric scooter mostly depends on the brand or the components.

When it comes to maintenance, electric skateboards and electric scooters have almost the same components in them. Finding the right tools and spare parts can be very crucial depending on the model and brand you have picked.

Generally, it’s easy to find high-performing rides in both of those categories at a mid-level price.

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Speed and Range

Speed is very important when it comes to choosing between these two electric rides. One of the more noticeable things is that both the rides can go impressively fast which makes them great choices for high-speed adventures.

The speed range of an electric skateboard is normally between 29kph to 45kph. butsome models can reach 65kph. though there are some safety issues as they don’t have any handles.

On the other hand, electric scooters can go briskly than skateboards due to their larger frame and more forceful motors. Despite the speed for a normal scooter is about 25kph to 30kph, the dual-motor scooters can go a lot faster at 50kph and even more. That’s like going neck to neck with cars on a highway.

If we have to consider their range, electric scooters will gain very much ahead of electric skateboards. Some extreme scooters can go 150km which is almost thrice farther than most electric skateboards. The average range coverable by an electric skateboard on a single charge is about 10km. Compared to the scooters, the maximum range it can cover is almost 25km.

So, we can say that in terms of speed and range, electric scooters are far ahead that of an electric skateboards.

Weight and Portability

when it comes to weight and portability, it’s better to declare the skateboards as the clear winner. But electric scooters are never out of the equation reading this criteria.

Generally, the weight of an electric skateboard is about 7kg to 15kg. It can vary depending on the components on the board. On the flip side, electric scooters tend to be heavier due to their larger frame and heftier components. A lightweight scooter can be around 10kg to 19 kg but a thrill scooter can get as heavy as 50kg.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort for both rides depends on the model you choose. Some models of electric skateboards and electric scooters can limit the shakiness and vibrations better than others. The comfort zone also depends on the distance you’ll be riding. Both the rides are very much comfortable and easy to use. For short distances, the electric scooter is more preferable to the electric skateboard.

We have come to the matter of safety now and electric scooters will take the cake. You can use handles in electronic scooters, but you don’t have a chance to use a handle in an electric skateboard.

Learning & Fun Factor

Riding a scooter is easier than riding a skateboard as you can use the handles to ride, which helps in keeping balance.

Electric skateboards are competitively hard to ride as a beginner if you have no experience of riding traditional skateboards.

But once you have got a hang of riding, both an electric skateboard and electric scooter can give measureless fun. In terms of thrills and overall enjoyment, it’s a tie. Vigorously speeding while the wind rushes through your hair? That’s an experience you can get whether you choose an electric skateboard or an electric scooter!

Closing Words

In terms of these parameters, we can say that there are a lot of similarities between electric skateboards and electric scooters though there are some dissimilarities too. if we keep these similarities and dissimilarities aside, riding both of these rides provides immense fun and brings back our memories of childhood.

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