Continue with your social media marketing campaigns combined with our services to help your brand take off. Going this way, you can achieve better results in the form of real and active social media followers who would not only add to your social media presence but would also participate in the activities like liking your content, sharing your posts and viewing your videos on the regular basis.

In recent days, as the covid19 pandemic is increasing to the high, so people actually need the internet to stay updated. From listening to the news, watching a movie to use social media, all is going hand in hand. As per the recent report, people are using social media a bit more than before during lockdown. Eventually, engagement on Instagram has increased by almost 25% rather than before.

Sell products and services through Instagram live

In recent times, a lot of social influencers, brand managers, and marketing executives buy Instagram followers and likes to make their page popular. With that, they can simply promote their products and services to potential customers as well. This prolonged isolation definitely makes us adapting the social practices and find some new ways of staying connected. Every brand and marketers opt for the ways to engage their customers, and this is where Instagram live feature comes like a saviour.

In recent days, video calling or live streaming plays a pivotal role in everywhere. For the strong interaction between business and customers, Instagram live video is an irreplaceable option. Holding a face-to-face conversation is quite more trustworthy rather than writing a description on your business page. This is why Instagram Live considers as one of the excellent options on this front.

Avail the advantages of Instagram live

According to experts, Instagram live can only be successful when a business page holds millions of followers. So plenty of brands are now hiring the Instagram influencers to mount their business and investing to get followers on Instagram. Sometimes the brand managers do not feel very comfortable going live and have a conversation with their customers. But this process can be worthy of the brands and business.

A few tips to follow

Instagram Live helps you in maintaining the direct line and connect to your community in an authentic way. You can go live for up to an hour or even more than that, and then you will get to see whenever any new people join.  But you need to consider a few things for this:

Before going live on Instagram

  • Give your followers an advanced notice about the time. You can put the countdown stickers on your story
  • Test that you have a strong connection

During live

  • Go live with the creator or a business partner
  • Using Live with prompts notification to collaborator’s followers and it helps you to get new followers
  • Make a poll and go for live Q&A session
  • Turn on media sharing button to post any video or image on-screen real-time ( if on iOS)

After your Instagram live

  • Save the live session and then post it on your Instagram story after you finish it

Using this amazing feature of Instagram can be really helpful for the business and brands to get some new followers.

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