There has been an alarming rise in the sale of counterfeit products in the building materials market. Many duplicate brands sell dummy products under the pretence of authenticity, and customers who cannot tell the difference end up paying hundreds on a fake product.

Not only do these cheat customers of the quality they are investing in, but it’s also illegal and unfair to the hardworking workers who put their blood and sweat into constructing top-quality products.

The latest innovation by CenturyPly—The CenturyPromise App aims to generate awareness about fake plywood by allowing customers to verify the authenticity of purchase to make informed decisions and receive proper value for their money. 

About CenturyPromise

CenturyPly is the first in the plywood industry to incorporate QR codes in each of its plyboards to enable customers to verify the genuineness of their purchase. With only a smartphone and an internet connection, consumers can ensure they are receiving the correct value for their money. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete.

First, customers need to download the CenturyPromise App from Play Store or App Store and install it on their phone. Once the app is installed, they need to launch the app and point their scanner towards the QR code embedded on the surface of the product. This will allow the app to scan the code and provide a result accordingly. If the product is original plywood of CenturyPly, a message saying ‘CenturyPly genuine product’ will be displayed across the screen, along with details such as the factory in which the product was manufactured, and product specifications like product name, plant name, thickness, size, date of manufacturing & unique code. The app also enables customers to download an e-warranty card and have it mailed to their email id.

CenturyPly has even released Youtube tutorials to assist customers with the process of verification. This highly essential feature is available completely free of cost, and therefore can be accessed by one and all. Besides providing verification, the app also helps customers remain updated about the latest offers and promotions. Currently, CenturyDoors products and all plyboards of CenturyPly come equipped with a QR code.

Why CenturyPromise?

Many unauthorized sellers in the market attempt to sell fake plywood to unsuspecting customers. Needless to say, these products do not provide the quality of CenturyPly. For instance, many local brands sell dipped plywood by passing it off as waterproof. Original waterproof plywood uses phenol resin in its manufacture, which provides it with a dark tinge. In order to cheat customers and sell regular plywood as waterproof, many sellers simply dip the plyboard in a dark coloured solution to imitate the tinge of waterproof plywood and sell it to gullible customers. CenturyPromise aims to protect consumers from this kind of fraud and trickery.

This newly introduced feature by CenturyPly provides a kind of assurance and peace of mind to customers that no other brand in the market is able to provide. It benefits every individual in verifying the authenticity of a purchase—including customers, dealers, retailers, and contractors. Contractors spend huge amounts of time and effort to become trustworthy to their customers and CenturyPly respects and understands the weight of that trust. With the help of CenturyPromise, contractors can download an e-warranty and provide it to buyers, which enhances their credibility and reliability in the eyes of their clients.  Dealers, contractors, and retailers are required to register in the application with valid documents, which goes further in ensuring that every source of purchase is credible.

The Bottom Line

Despite being decades old, CenturyPly has always been forward-thinking in its approach and has pushed the boundaries of innovation. By standing at the forefront of development, it has remained at the number one spot for manufacturers of plywood in India for years. With the new CenturyPromise app, the company attempts to keep up with the digital times and utilize technology to provide customers with the assurance of authenticity & quality.