Email is the ultimate way of communication to transfer daily tasks in almost every business. There are millions of emails services and applications that go along with them. Some of us have a single email account on something like yahoo, Outlook, and Gmail. All individual apps provide you with different but the best experiences. Anyways, people around us have email apps from various providers and get something that can collect it all into one spot. Here is the best emails app if you want something new.

  • Blue Mail:

This is one of the famous emails app. it subsidized a plethora of clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and other IMAP, POP3, or exchange clients. Blue moon has a notification setting for every email account and also facilitates some other features like Android Wear support, configurable menus, and even a dark theme. If you want to avail it has some extra smart features. It is influential and perfectly free. Since Blue Mail uses its server it is facing some potential privacy issues.

  • Cleanfox:

Cleanfox is a useful app for email users. It principally helps you unsubscribe from the likely huge number of items you may end up subscribing to. After connecting email accounts to the application and its functions and explores all of the subscriptions. One can easily unsubscribe if one wants to. This application will help you delete old emails from the subscription and also manage items in other different ways. It is super friendly and free of cost application. There are some complaints regarding bugs and bugs do exist, Cleanfox does what it can and mostly it works.

  • Gmail:

Gmail is slightly inexpensive for all email apps. Usually, it is built-in in most Android devices so you might already have it. Gmail app supports several different inbox settings, and much more. It protects most email services as well, like Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, and others. Gmail also supports a unified inbox, material design, and many more. The team of this software also includes dozens of Inbox by Google features before the user was taken down.  It is a magnificent option for most of the population.

  • K-9 Mails:

This is one of the emails application and also free of cost. There are countless minimal interfaces with no BS experience, and unified inboxes. K-9 mails support IMAP, POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007. Variously, what you witnessed is super pretty what you get. The UI is not excessively inspiring, but it builds for it by not possessing any idiosyncratic features that work only half. This is old school but reliable way of communication. This is an open-source app so that you can create it by yourself or contribute to the community through Github. Undoubtedly it is not ostentatious. This is quite lightweight and functional.

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