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Wish Want Wear  | About us

Wish Want Wear is your ultimate source of designer wear for rent. We are truly aware that a lot of people, mostly ladies, want to look their best during special events but are usually constrained by their budget. A lot of us want to wear designer clothes and stand out during events.

This is the reason why we started our business. We wanted to cater to your need for designer wear and provide you with various choices to help you transform into the belle of the party. You can actually say that we’re like your fairy godmothers as we help turn you from an ugly duckling into a sparkling swan with a beautiful dress to boot. And we even have accessories too to help complete the transformation.

Wish Want Wear started in 2000 in Wichita. This is because we realized the market available for designer dresses in the city. This kind of trend is actually hot in lots of the big cities like New York, Boston, Houston, Detroit, among others. But in smaller cities like Wichita, this is not available and a lot of the ladies are looking for it too.

Ever since we started, we immediately achieved success. For this, we are very much thankful to the ladies of Wichita for helping us achieve our dream of really establishing this business and catering to all of you.

Currently, we are in the process of taking this business online. In fact, we are revamping this website to add an online shop in order to allow people from different parts of the United States to also take advantage of our services. Please do check back soon to get updated on the major changes that we have in store for all of you.

In the meantime, head off to our shop in Wichita and take advantage of our designer dresses for rent!