Identifying and recruiting the right developers for important software development projects is by no means easy. Every business has different challenges and generally, even small steps need expertise that your organisation might not possess presently. Trying to create a valuable and productive in-house team without having any specialists is nearly impossible. On the other hand, if you try hiring anyone without being too specific can bring down the quality of your output and even tarnish your brand’s credibility in the long run.

Most businesses, particularly startups and new businesses, start looking for a shortcut that allows them to access the services of an expert offshore development team. This is not only possible but a beneficial option that most businesses are adopting today. This is called offshore software development.

Reasons Why Businesses Outsource IT Operations:

The digital landscape is growing at a rapid pace. There are several factors that affect an enterprise’s decision to outsource their IT development and operation needs. Let’s understand the top four reasons for outsourcing software development needs.

  1. Budgets: When you hire an offshore development team, your cost of operations goes down significantly. This is because you save on expenses like salaries, employee benefits and insurance, petty cash expenses, etc.
  2. Flexibility: When you outsource your development needs to an offshore team, they can switch between projects much faster than an in-house team would. 
  3. Skillset needed: Outsourcing IT operations gives you immediate access to a pool of talented industry experts. 
  4. Quality assurance: The definitions of success and excellence of a project do not change from one country to another. You get the exact quality that you demand.

Benefits of Choosing Offshore Software Development:

  1. Specialised talent and team:
    A huge wave of new technologies has come up over the past few years. Some have become industry buzzwords, while others have disrupted entire industries. Technologies like Machine Learning and IoT have reached global adoption at the enterprise level. This requires businesses to onboard specialised talent that can use, optimise and manage the technology for deployment application. There are several challenges when it comes to retaining and hiring employees in an organisation. When you reach out and outsource your project to an offshore software development company, all these hurdles, costs and risks get eliminated easily.
  2. Cost-effective solutions:
    Business statements and data have revealed that choosing an offshore development team can bring down operational costs by as much as 30%. Offshore development teams operate at varying monetary and currency rates. Hiring a junior developer in the US might cost you more than simply outsourcing the role to a senior developer in the Philippines or India. This is particularly true for small or new businesses that function on a per-project model and cannot afford full-time employees on a payroll.
  3. More impactful business tasks:
    An offshore software development company has a wide array of employees, which includes developers, designers and project managers. This ensures that they take full responsibility for every task in the development process and understand the expectations. With them handling the entire project and you not having to worry about it, you can pay closer attention to other core business problems such as marketing, sales and business expansion.
  4. Advantage of time zone differences:

Western business organisations delegate development roles and projects to Eastern countries to take advantage of the time difference between them. This allows businesses to increase their productivity beyond the 8-9 hours that they work in a day.

  1. Advanced technologies:
    Organisations around the world are rapidly adopting new technologies to stay ahead in the game. AI, blockchain, data analytics and IoT are popular advancements in the world of technology that you might not naturally interact with firsthand. When you work with a reliable offshore software development team, it gives you access to these technologies and the professionals who work with them to deliver exceptional business solutions.
  2. Higher scalability:
    Outsourcing software development needs and projects is a strategic business growth path with very low risk. It allows businesses to retain employees even when business gets slow while allowing them to execute multiple development projects together. When you have an offshore development team handling everything from the website to app development to building extensions, you can scale up your business without requiring additional in-house experts.

You need to understand and adopt riding business trends to retain your edge in the competitive IT domain today. Choose an offshore software services that understands your business and offering and helps you grow.